Look at your hands as they hover here over your keyboard or keypad. Were you blessed with hand-model hands like George Costanza? Most of us weren’t. Even if you like your hands—or used to—my educated guess is that you’ve never zealously pampered them Costanza style. Nothing like you’ve done for the skin on your face, right?

While I’m not encouraging you to Costanzify your mitts, I will say most people don’t give enough TLC to their hands. That’s why hands show some of the earliest and most drastic signs of aging. As hands age, the skin on their back sides becomes thinner. That’s among the first parts of our bodies to show sun damage, too. Age also brings less elasticity and plumpness to skin, which is partly why it’s easier to see tendons and veins on the backs of older hands.

My #1 piece of advice when it comes to skincare for hands is to keep them protected from the sun—especially during this, a gardening time of year. Gardening gloves aren’t just for keeping your hands clean. Better than sunscreen, they also offer iron-clad sun-protection. Gardening gloves might even save you from other dermatologic gardening issues. Ever heard of sporotrichosis? Otherwise known as “Rose gardener’s disease,” this is a fungus you can get on your hands from being pricked when handling plant materials, namely rosebushes, briars, or mulch-rich dirt. It’s a bugger to treat.

If you’re not a garden-glove kind of gardener, you’re probably washing your hands more frequently. Repeated hand-washing can quickly lead to dry, cracked, and fissured skin. That’s why, with every hand-wash, you should also be applying moisturizer—and not just any moisturizer: I suggest you keep a moisturizer with built-in sunscreen protection right next to your hand soap.

If the damage is already done, you’re not beyond repair. There are some excellent medical skincare services for rejuvenation of hands. Actually, many of the skincare services for rejuvenating the face can work on hands, too. Photodynamic therapy (PDT), often called blue-light therapy, is one such treatment. It attacks pre-cancerous damage to the skin without mercy. Retinoid creams are useful, too. It’s even possible to use cosmetic fillers on the hands to diminish the skeletal look that comes with aging hands.

Like I said, I’m not suggesting you treat your hands with kid-gloves like Costanza would. But I am suggesting there’s a way to wave goodbye to premature aging of your hands!