This isn’t about pleasing others. Skin care is something you do for you. It’s like the feeling you get when you treat yourself on a whim, only this feeling is going to last a lot longer. To refresh it, all you have to do is look into a mirror. Because now the face looking back at you is the beautiful face you remember. Or always wanted.

It begins the minute you walk through our door. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a spa, not a doctor’s office. And that is purely by intent. Because this place is all about doing for your outer self what a spa does for your inner self.

We’re here to turn back the clock and undo the evil effects of the sun—and make the mirror your friend again.

So let’s get started.

Maria Kane

Registered Nurse

Maria harbors a secret wish: she wants to be able to fly. Since opening The Skin Company in 2004, that’s exactly what’s she’s done. After working in hospitals, neonatal intensive care, and clinical education, Maria, a Registered Nurse, has forged a company that has truly taken off. And it’s all thanks to altruistic motives. Maria says, “I have the privilege of working with, as well as serving, the most amazing, powerful, kind, and beautiful women I know.” Of course, she also says that if she found $1,000 on the street and had to spend it, she’d buy a plane ticket and take off for adventure. The destination? Spain and Portugal. Olé!

Linda Mercer

Customer Service Specialist

Even though she says her hidden talent is “still hidden,” Linda calls herself a Skin-care Receptamanajanipher (Receptionist/Manager/Janitor/Gopher). This master of many talents loves being part of The Skin Company, because “it’s gratifying to witness remarkable results on so many happy faces.” Maybe that’s why her favorite song just happens to be Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.” And why, with the help of her favorite game, “Words With Friends,” her vocabulary is looking pretty good, too.