Okay, this post is a little outdated, but it explains the reason for the cougar town category (and it’s a fun post).

So, let’s pretend football season is just starting, and the Bronco’s have a new season, with a new quarter back to look forward too:

Yes, there are a lot of other male-related things, and other men (um, younger guys, perhaps a more suitable term in this instance) I could have picked for today’s topic, but I went with Tim Tebow. I felt that featuring him allowed time for a brief explanation on how I came up with the idea to have a topic category dedicated to men, named “Cougar Town”.

I, unfortunately am not a huge football fan, but I do sometimes pay attention to the Bronco’s when there is something interesting going on (sorry to those who are not fans).

So, when I heard on TV that the Bronco’s had signed a new quarterback, straight out of college I paid attention.

I mean, it’s been a while since John Elway was on the field. But it seems that since then, they haven’t found a suitable replacement (if there is such a thing, lets face it those are some pretty hard shoes to fill).

I was actually starting to think that I might try and watch more games this season just to see the outcome of this decision. Suddenly, I got a glimpse of this new QB, and that made my decision, I was REALLY going to watch this season (I just want to add this crush was based purely on looks, not his intelligence level, beliefs/morals, or his actual performance as a football player).

Then, just as suddenly as I resolved to watch every game this season, I remembered a recent conversation I had with a friend, and reality set in. I recently had a Birthday in April. My friend told me that the hardest thing for her to think about when she turned my age, was how she could no longer watch college sports on TV, and classify herself as in the same age bracket as the athletes she was watching. You know, they are in there 20’s, so even if your 29 you can say, Yes, college students are in my age bracket. But, once you hit your 30’s it is not the norm to classify college students in that age bracket.

So, here I am watching Tim Tebow on TV and friend’s birthday words of wisdom suddenly set in. Thanks for at least preparing me…

-Thanks to: Gazette.com (Colorado Springs), for the image