Skinceuticals: Serum 15 AOX+

Here is another great antioxidant product from SkinCeuticals.  Like the CE Ferulic, and the Phloretin CF: this serum enhanced

with antioxidants.  The formula reduces the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles, neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage, and stimulates colla

gen synthesis.

If you have been paying attention to our weekly featured product, you will notice that the CE Ferulic, Phloretin CF, and Serum 20 AOX+ have a lot in common.

They are all rich in antioxidants, and all have mostly the same benefits, and results. Also, they are all applied in the morning after you wash your face, 3-4 drops.

So how are they different?

It mainly depends on what your skin is like.

If you have sensitive skin, the Serum 15 AOX+ is probably the best out of the 3 for you. If you have normal to dry skin, the C E Ferulic is for you, while those who tend to have oily skin, should go with the Phloretin CF.