Okay, I’ll admit, I have actually tried this. Except instead of mayonnaise, I used a raw egg (a main ingredient in mayo).

I was a teenager when I read this helpful tip in a magazine. I thought it sounded simple, and painless, so I grabbed an egg from the fridge and into the shower I went. I didn’t put much thought into application, and the magazine didn’t really offer any advice on this part, so I cracked the egg on my head and mixed it into my hair (gross, I know).  It was a huge mistake, I couldn’t get the egg completely out of my hair, and I smelled like a raw egg for several days after.

So, while this myth is actually true, here is a better way to apply it:

Apply a cup of mayonnaise mixed with a teaspoon of vanilla extract (to cut the mayonnaise scent) to dry, unwashed hair. Cover your head with a warm towel to help the mayonnaise penetrate, and leave it on for 20 minutes. Before you step into the shower, apply a heaping handful of shampoo to your hair. Don’t add any water yet; just massage it in thoroughly for several minutes. That will help break down the excess oil, says Berkovitz. Rinse with cool water in the shower and your hair will come out shiny and silky.

Don’t like the idea of putting a condiment in your hair? Try a rich glossing treatment (sold at salons and beauty supply stores), these usually contain ingredients similar to those found in mayonnaise.

P.S.- We are unsure (and for good reason) of the effects from the Kardashian mayo treatment (gross!)

– Thanks to realsimple.com