This isn’t about pleasing others. Skin care is something you do for you. It’s like the feeling you get when you treat yourself on a whim, only this feeling is going to last a lot longer. To refresh it, all you have to do is look into a mirror. Because now the face looking back at you is the beautiful face you remember. Or always wanted.

It begins the minute you walk through our door. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a spa, not a doctor’s office. And that is purely by intent. Because this place is all about doing for your outer self what a spa does for your inner self.

We’re here to turn back the clock and undo the evil effects of the sun—and make the mirror your friend again.

So let’s get started.

Maria Kane

Registered Nurse

Maria has been a Registered Nurse for 27 years. Her career began at Denver General Hospital working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and continued as a nurse educator for a medical device company. Eleven years in the field and three kids later, Maria was inspired to open a medical spa when she received laser hair removal at her doctor’s office. She says, “I felt that it was the best invention ever. Who wouldn’t want to experience this magic?!” Inspired to bring the same care to her own community, The Skin Company was born in 2004. 

Maria’s purpose in her practice is to inspire men and women to age beautifully— physically and emotionally. With her team and patients at the forefront of what she does, Maria stays motivated because she is always surrounded by positive and hardworking men and women who want to take care of themselves. 

Maria’s favorite service to perform is lip filler. She says, “Lips are always the favorite. The positive impact it has on the patient and immediate gratification, it’s simply the best.” Maria’s favorite, can’t-live-without service to receive is Botox. 

When she’s not at The Skin Company, you’ll find Maria over at CrossFit Loop getting a good sweat on, dining at a local business in Downtown Castle Rock, reading self-development books, enjoying the Colorado sunshine, and spending time with her three kids. 



Body Sculpting Specialist

Kristy has been a Body Sculpting Specialist since 2017 and is certified in both CoolSculpting and Emsculpt. Originally from Texas, Kristy relocated to Colorado in 2001 and now calls this beautiful state home. She believes that self-care is essential, and her goal with her patients is to provide optimal outcomes through safe and effective treatments. Kristy found The Skin Company as a client and she instantly knew that she wanted to be apart of the team.

Kristy feels that there is something so powerful in working with strong women who all have one goal in mind — to support every single person who walks through the door, both physically and mentally. Kristy’s favorite service to perform is Emsculpt. She loves to see her clients instantly feel stronger and more confident. Her favorite services to receive are RF Microneedling and lip filler because the results are out of this world! When Kristy is not at The Skin Company, she loves spending time with her family and traveling every chance she can get. 



Lisa received her Colorado Aesthetics License in 2014. She is certified to perform chemical peels, dermaplaning, facials, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and HydraFacial. Lisa’s first love was for the arts. Having studied acting and dance on and off from a young age, she received a scholarship to a conservatory in NYC.

Lisa believes that your face is a canvas, a work of art in the making. It’s the first thing people see, it’s how we express ourselves to the world. Just like in art, Lisa believes that starting with a fresh canvas is always best. She is passionate about medical aesthetics because she knows she can have a positive impact on someone’s life with corrective treatments. Helping people achieve their skin goals and creating a “blank canvas” of healthy glowing skin is her focus. She enjoys blending a spa-like experience with medical-grade results. Lisa loves working at The Skin Company because she is always surrounded by a strong, supportive, and caring group of women. She enjoys interacting with the amazing clients that come in and building a rapport with them.

Lisa’s favorite treatment to perform is the HydraFacial. In her free time, she loves baking, drawing, traveling, going to the driving range or a pure barre class, going on adventures with her Siberian Husky, and spending time with her little boy. 


Sammie received her Bachelor’s in Business Management and Strategic Communication from Colorado State University. Bringing with her years of experience in team management, product development, and marketing, Sammie is the Practice Manager at The Skin Company. She is passionate about the patient experience and making sure people feel cared for and understood.

Sammie loves The Skin Company because she truly believes this place changes lives. Having struggled with acne for half her life, Sammie understands the value of developing a treatment plan and an at-home routine to target individual skin concerns. Her favorite services to receive are RF Microneedling and Dysport — she is all about treating and preventing!

Outside of work, Sammie loves to cook, read self-development books, stay active with CrossFit and yoga, and of course, binge Netflix shows! 



Maleah received her Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University in Sociology with a minor in women’s studies. Joining the team at The Skin Company with no prior experience in aesthetics, she is always eager to learn about the industry and to try new products and services. Maleah’s long term-goal is to work with women and children who have been victims of human trafficking or domestic violence. She is extremely passionate about empowerment and helping people in any way that she can. Maleah truly wants to make each person she meets feel loved, heard and accepted.

Maleah’s favorite service at The Skin Company is a lip flip and lip filler. She says “a little enhancement goes a long way.” Maleah is currently enrolled in a Master’s program at New York University, so outside of work, she is mostly focused on school, but in her free time, she loves to binge Netflix, hang out with her new puppy, and exercise.