Glowing Skin: No Sun Required

Back in the ‘80s, a Texas-based cosmetics company called BeautiControl started a bit of a craze.  In living rooms and coffee shops across the nation, big-haired women with pinch-rolled jean-cuffs and over-sized neon earrings could be heard asking, “What season are you?” A woman’s “season” described her skin tone and what colors of [...]

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The 411 on Mineral Sunscreens

Record-high temperatures around the nation have swimming pools bustling, which makes sun-protection a particularly hot topic this summer (pun intended). Many of my patients have been wondering whether there’s any benefit to switching from the time-honored chemical sunscreens to the relatively new mineral sunscreens. Even more of my patients have never heard of the latter. [...]

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Our Love-Hate Relationship with the Sun

  You want sunshine? You’re in the right state. Colorado has more sunny days each year than even notorious beach blanket meccas like San Diego and Miami Beach. But bragging rights aside, that statistic brings heavy baggage: we also sit among the top three states for melanoma-related deaths.  So, why the heck do we keep [...]

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What is SPF- Really?!?

The acronym SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, but there is always a number associated with it. So, what does that mean? That SPF number represents the length of time you can stay in the sun, without burning. For example: SPF 15 A person who would normally start to burn in 10 minutes (without sunscreen) [...]

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