Glowing Skin: No Sun Required

Back in the ‘80s, a Texas-based cosmetics company called BeautiControl started a bit of a craze.  In living rooms and coffee shops across the nation, big-haired women with pinch-rolled jean-cuffs and over-sized neon earrings could be heard asking, “What season are you?” A woman’s “season” described her skin tone and what colors of [...]

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Got SPF?

Last week I overheard a woman explaining away her newly coppered skin. Her hand was stretching back her collar, showing off a swimsuit-line the sun had stenciled across her shoulders. “I guess my SPF4 wasn’t strong enough,” she laughed. […]

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What is SPF- Really?!?

The acronym SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, but there is always a number associated with it. So, what does that mean? That SPF number represents the length of time you can stay in the sun, without burning. For example: SPF 15 A person who would normally start to burn in 10 minutes (without sunscreen) [...]

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