Like Using Straws? Stop. You’re Causing Wrinkles.

It’s getting to be common knowledge now that smoking isn’t only bad for your health but is also bad for the skin around your mouth. The repeated puckering of your lips creates a pattern of wrinkles that eventually come to settle in there forever like the houseguest you wish you’d never invited. NO KATE!!! [...]

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Youth Is in Your Hands—If You Put It There

Look at your hands as they hover here over your keyboard or keypad. Were you blessed with hand-model hands like George Costanza? Most of us weren’t. Even if you like your hands—or used to—my educated guess is that you’ve never zealously pampered them Costanza style. Nothing like you’ve done for the skin on your face, [...]

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This Week’s Beauty Myth: Shaving

Beauty Myth: Shaving will make hair grow back darker and thicker   False! Shaving will not make hair grow back thicker and fuller.  Human hair is thicker at the base, and narrower at the tip.  When we shave, we cut the hair at its base, the thickest part. Thus making the hair appear larger.

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