Turn Around, Bright Eyes: Tips and Tricks for Rejuvenating Your Peepers

Rejuvenation for your eyes won't involve Bonnie Tyler Do eye creams work? Yes. Do moisturizers work? Yes. And so do plenty of water, sleep, and sun block. But the fact of the matter is that these daily ways of tending to the skin around your eyes won’t hold off Father Time forever. A [...]

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Imitation as Flattery? Not Always!

Imitation may be fine for fashion, but it can be troublesome in other arenas. Imitation is human nature. Often without our consciously realizing it, we copy looks we see in magazines, on television, and in the general popular culture around us. It’s how trends are born. Those who determine trends—the runway artists, if [...]

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Celebrity Skin

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com Broken out? Battling rosacea? Trying to mask a psoriasis outbreak? Feeling like a used dishrag whenever you’re in a checkout line flanked by beauty magazines? We all know by now that Photoshop works magic, and celebrity skin isn’t as flawless as cover shots imply. But do you realize the extent [...]

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Nighty Night, Skin!

“Don’t wash your face every day. Your skin will look better.” An old high school friend of mine used to swear by this advice. She felt that washing her face made it dry. Decades and a successful cosmetic dermatology business later, I can tell you (and her) that it was terrible advice. Every night, your [...]

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How to Beat the High Cost of False Fixes

People who are down in the dumps tend to spend more—sometimes a lot more—to distract themselves and others from the way they look. One 2009 study even showed a correlation between a woman’s level of insecurity and how many handbags and shoes she owns! Getting something new and shiny is a known way to fire [...]

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