Put a Lid on It: Fight Dry-Scalp Dandruff with Style

I love autumn—the turning leaves on the aspens, the cheek-flushing cooler temperatures, and of course, hat-shopping! Have you seen the gorgeous toppers for the upcoming season? Cable-knit beanies, colorful fedoras, fleece slouchies, feather-trimmed cloches—there are so many to choose from that you pretty much have to buy more than one! Cool-weather hats aren’t [...]

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Hot Wax!

Beauty Myth: Using wax, as a form of hair removal will make fewer hairs grow back When we wax areas of our bodies, we are ripping out the hair follicle.  While it is true that repeated damage to the hair follicle (we’re talking 20+ years) can cause enough injury to the follicle to the point where [...]

This Week’s Beauty Myth: Shaving

Beauty Myth: Shaving will make hair grow back darker and thicker   False! Shaving will not make hair grow back thicker and fuller.  Human hair is thicker at the base, and narrower at the tip.  When we shave, we cut the hair at its base, the thickest part. Thus making the hair appear larger.

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