Turn Around, Bright Eyes: Tips and Tricks for Rejuvenating Your Peepers

Rejuvenation for your eyes won't involve Bonnie Tyler Do eye creams work? Yes. Do moisturizers work? Yes. And so do plenty of water, sleep, and sun block. But the fact of the matter is that these daily ways of tending to the skin around your eyes won’t hold off Father Time forever. A [...]

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Your face and Preparation H

Beauty Myth: Preparation H deflates puffiness   This is a supposed trick used by Hollywood make up artist, but no clinical studies have ever been done to prove that it works. On fact, one of the product’s ingredients that is said to reduce puffiness, is no longer found in the cream that is sold n the [...]

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Eye Wrinkles

Myth: Rubbing your Eyes Creates Wrinkles While you won’t get wrinkles from rubbing your eyes when you are tired, there is a little glimmer of truth to this myth. Over time, the constant pull of gravity, and the movement of our facial muscles does create strain on our skin, which can lead to wrinkles. But, [...]

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