Black Friday crowd

This wasn’t you, was it? If so…are you depressed?

Dare I say it? Gift-shopping season is upon us. Ever noticed how the stores start to fill up with more and more junk this time of year? I find it overwhelming, trying to see through all the cheap-o stuff that comes out for the season—tins of 100 nail polishes, pre-packed men’s toiletry bags, telescoping flashlights, trinkets to attach to your mailbox, anything-and-everything on a keychain. I personally prefer to give gifts that show some thought and care went into them. Gift baskets are always nice, because you can design them around a theme and include lots of different ways to make a person feel good. They don’t need to be huge! And so, to you, I present a few nice ideas for putting together your own gift baskets from the skincare world:


Nail-Revitalizing Hand Soap by Elon. Strengthens nails with every washing. $10

Chilean Rosehip with Tamanu and Red Clover Hand Cream by Pangea Organics. A rich, emollient hand-moisturizer that smells so good you can’t get enough. $12

Oil Therapy by Nailtiques. A blend of natural oils that promotes and seals in moisture to soften nails and cuticles. $12

Pushy and Nail Cleaner by Tweezerman. Use the rounded end to remove gunk under the nails and the flat end to push back cuticles. $17

Hot Ticket I’ll Pink to That Nail Polish by theBalm. A super-sweet strawberry-pink shade in a non-chip formula, just the right way to polish off hand treatments. $10



Skin Renewing Facial Scrub by Mineral Fusion. A dual-action scrub that both exfoliates the skin and strengthens it with damage-fighting minerals. $13

White Tea Cucumber Face Toner by Time Balm. A gentle toner that soothes, tightens pores, and conditions skin. $12.50

Daytime Undermakeup Moisture Cream by Atopolm. A unique moisturizer with that mimics natural skin lipids and inhibits evaporation, creating smooth and supple skin better prepared for make-up. $18

Eye Brightener by Colorescience. A puffiness-battling, eye-brightening moisturizer for under the eyes. $17.50

gloExfoliating Lip Wand by glominerals. A smoothing softening exfoliant for the lips with a sweet, peachy scent. $15.50



Lemon and Sage Body Bar by Bliss. A citrus-scented soap to exfoliate all over the body. $15

Bath Salts by Zents. Soothing, softening formula with both Epsom and sea salts in a variety of yummy aromas unlike any other line. $20

Pyrenees Lavender and Cardamom Oil by Pangea Organics. A massage and body oil infused with lavender for soul-soothing and cardamom for skin-cleansing. $24

Cleopatra Crema de Corpo Body Lotion by Tocca Beauty. A deliciously creamy body lotion with notes of cucumber and grapefruit and infused with almond, shea butter, and honey. $20