A new class of injectables aims to hydrate, plump, and smooth without adding volume or fullness. 

It has been over two decades since Botox significantly impacted the field of aesthetics and completely transformed the world of injectable treatments. Since then, countless injectables have emerged, providing us with many treatment options. These include hyaluronic acid fillers that instantly enhance volume and contour the face, collagen stimulators that gradually create a fuller appearance, and neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport that reduce wrinkles and folds. Despite the vast selection available to us in 2023, our curiosity continues to look towards the future, eagerly anticipating the next groundbreaking advancement in injectable treatments. We’re excited to introduce the newest category of injectables, skin boosters, and the first skin booster product: SkinVive!

What Are Skin Boosters?

The latest entrant to the world of injectables is skin boosters, also known as skin-quality injectables, which are quickly establishing their place as the newest go-to treatment for all skin types. This new class of injectables consists of hyaluronic acid gels that are injected superficially into the skin, improving hydration and plumping fine lines without adding volume or fullness. But how do they differ from traditional fillers? And what benefits do they offer for those seeking a more natural-looking result?

Unlike traditional fillers, skin boosters are injected using a micro-injection technique and spread evenly throughout the treated area. This allows for a more even product distribution, resulting in a natural-looking enhancement without the risk of lumps or bumps. Furthermore, skin boosters stimulate hyaluronic acid production in the skin and attract water molecules to the surface, providing intense hydration to the treated area and a smoother appearance overall.

With their ability to enhance skin quality and provide a natural, dewy look, skin boosters are becoming an attractive option for those not ready for Botox or fillers. Skin boosters offer a solution to improve skin health and appearance without downtime.

The Fountain of Youth is Full of Hyaluronic Acid

Our patients at The Skin Company are increasingly expressing a desire for treatments that address concerns related to skin quality and skin integrity. These concerns often pertain to the aging neck, delicate skin around the eyes, and fine lines on the cheeks and around the mouth. Our solutions include skin tightening treatments such as radiofrequency microneedling and injectables like Botox and fillers. With the addition of skin boosters, we can now enhance the overall quality and health of the skin with hydration from skin boosters, complemented by tightening with laser treatments.

The primary objective of skin boosters is to hydrate the skin internally with hyaluronic acid, enhancing its overall quality and health. Unlike other injectables that focus on adding volume or shaping the face, skin boosters target fine lines, improve texture, and enhance the appearance of dry, dull, or uneven skin. By nourishing the skin from within, these treatments aim to rejuvenate and revitalize the complexion. 

Enter, SkinVive!

SkinVive by Juvéderm is the first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable in the US to improve skin smoothness of the cheeks. This product increases hydration to improve skin smoothness and provide a lasting glow for up to six months.  In a clinical study, patients treated with SkinVive reported higher satisfaction with their glowing, hydrated, and healthy skin appearance.

SkinVive is safe on all skin types and tones and requires no downtime. With its unique properties and impressive results, it’s no wonder that SkinVive is quickly becoming the go-to choice for those seeking a natural-looking improvement in their skin quality. As always, we recommend consulting with a provider at The Skin Company to determine if SkinVive is the right option for you and your unique skin concerns.

Tap Into the Power of Skin Boosters 

Skin boosters have the potential to transform our approach to injectable treatments, providing a more holistic approach to skin health and rejuvenation. With their ability to enhance skin quality and radiance from within, they may just be the key to unlocking the fountain of youth. If you want a glowing, hydrated, and refreshed complexion, skin boosters are a must-try at your next visit to The Skin Company! Book your treatment now.