I love autumn—the turning leaves on the aspens, the cheek-flushing cooler temperatures, and of course, hat-shopping! Have you seen the gorgeous toppers for the upcoming season? Cable-knit beanies, colorful fedoras, fleece slouchies, feather-trimmed cloches—there are so many to choose from that you pretty much have to buy more than one!

Cool-weather hats aren’t just another way to make a fashion statement, though. They also protect your scalp and hair from the dry air that comes with the leafless-tree months. A dry scalp equals itching and dandruff, and you can’t ward these off with your hand cream or facial moisturizer, right? You can use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, but some people feel that these products add too much weight to their hair. What do do? What to do? I say that defending yourself against brittle hair and dandruff seems like the perfect excuse for a hat-shopping spree! What’s your style?