A powerful complement to your skin brightening and anti-aging products, our Advanced Polishing Pads will help smooth skin texture, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and combat breakouts.


  • TCA and Azelaic acid soothe redness, exfoliate dead skin, and smooth skin texture
  • Salicylic acid unclogs pores, exfoliates the skin, and enhances the pentration and effectiveness of other ingredients
  • Brighten dull-looking skin

How to use: Use 2-3 times weekly, or as directed. We recommend introducing Advanced Polishing Pads into your regimen gradually. Start by applying after cleansing, leaving on for 15 minutes, and then rinsing off. Increase the length of time you leave on your skin until you are leaving on all night!

Best for: All skin types.

Active Ingredients: 5% TCA , 5% Azelaic acid, Arbutin, Salicylic acid, Evodia rutaecarpa (herbal extract)