Diamond Tome

Microdermabrasion is a popular lunchtime treatment, manageable in less than a half hour

Have you ever used your lunch hour to grab a quick manicure or pedicure? Ever thought about using that mid-day break to do something awesome for your skin instead? There are actually quite a few fast-gratification skincare treats that can be had in less than an hour—without telltale after-effects. Sometimes they can be had in much less than that.

The DiamondTome treatment we offer at my office uses diamond chips bonded to the tip of the wand, which is also outfitted to vacuum the exfoliated skin cells. It’s a very clean, gentle system. Most people find their skin is softer and smoother after their first treatment, and there’s literally no recovery time.

To knock out wrinkles, you can get Botox or filler injections in less time than it takes to order and enjoy an appetizer. Really, less than half an hour can be enough. Before you schedule an appointment for your lunch hour, I do suggest that your initial treatment be done outside of work hours. That’s because you’ll want see how your skin reacts. Some people can get small bumps or even slight bruising at the injection sites, but it’s not the norm and is usually nothing a little concealer can’t handle.

There are some relatively mild peels—like glycolic peels and other fruit-acid peels—that are often called “lunchtime peels.” They’ve earned this name because they can easily be completed during a lunch break without causing redness or irritation. Yet they also don’t offer very fast or deep gratification, so I actually say go for the real peel at a time outside your lunch hour.

It’s great to come back to work with pretty fingernails. But isn’t it interesting to know that a spa manicure takes longer than most of these treatments? And it certainly doesn’t leave you feeling—and looking—years younger than when you left your desk and said, “Be back after lunch!”