It’s getting to be common knowledge now that smoking isn’t only bad for your health but is also bad for the skin around your mouth. The repeated puckering of your lips creates a pattern of wrinkles that eventually come to settle in there forever like the houseguest you wish you’d never invited.

NO KATE!!! Don’t use a straw!

A lesser known bit of information: If you regularly using drinking straws, the skin around your mouth might end up with the same problem a smoker’s mouth has. The regular puckering to use the straw gives wrinkles an opportunity to get comfortable and, eventually, stick around for good.

People with sensitive teeth are often advised to use drinking straws to make cold drinks drinkable. My suggestion is that you turn to the drinking straw only as a last-ditch effort. If you’ve used straws long enough already that you’ve begun to see the pucker lines settling in around your mouth, it might be time to try out a collagen filler. These fillers have among the most dramatic effects of the cosmetic dermatology treatments on the market. They really can take years off your face!