Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to September Celebrators!

Did you have a September birthday? You must at least know someone who does. September is the biggest birthday month of year. So, I’m using my soapbox today to suggest you celebrate aging. Yes, celebrate. Do it with the reckless abandon of an eight-year-old, no matter how many multiples of eight your age really is. It truly is not aging I’m asking you to celebrate. It’s living.

I admit there’s less of a thrill factor to each birthday as we get older. It gets increasingly safer to say you’re not getting a new Easy-Bake Oven. You’re long over hoping to receive a Barbie. Nobody’s likely to give you a new goldfish. And there won’t again be another first-ever tube of lip gloss.

But guess what? You’re wiser now. You know Easy-Bake cookies taste like the bottom of a shoe. Barbie doesn’t even have opposable thumbs!  Goldfish? That’s a euphemism for a grungy aquarium. And you’ve no doubt graduated from Bonne Belle lip gloss to finer cosmetics than the 8-year-old in you could have ever dreamt of.

Still, I do want you to remember how exciting it was to turn a year older when you were little. And I want to encourage you to make it so for yourself or a friend this year. Plan an adventure. Stay out late and sleep in late. Laugh out loud, in real life, with your actual mouth, not with an LOL typed on your keypad. Let yourselves eat cake—a lot of it! Pamper yourself. Don’t do it with some home beauty treatment of cuke eye-patches and chickpea masks. Come see me. You can even buy skin-treatment gift certificates for those friends turning a year older. Looking younger on your birthday? That’s just way cooler than a Barbie with opposable thumbs.

Happy birthday to all you September babies!