People who are down in the dumps tend to spend more—sometimes a lot more—to distract themselves and others from the way they look. One 2009 study even showed a correlation between a woman’s level of insecurity and how many handbags and shoes she owns!

Getting something new and shiny is a known way to fire up a pleasure center in the brain. Of course, this frivolous spending is really just a fix—in the addiction and not the repair sense. In the long run, buying fix after addictive fix can easily be just as (or more expensive than) literally fixing what’s bugging you.

Did you know that just one filler injection takes less than a half hour and can eliminate deep wrinkles for a year or more? Botox, which is just a 10- or 15-minute process, can de-scraggle your forehead and provide a non-surgical eye lift for three to four months! Teeth-whitening takes less than 45 minutes, can whiten a person’s teeth by more than a dozen shades, and lasts for years.

Get the idea? It’s about spending more sensibly, buying real fixes for the actual problems bothering you.

You can’t deal with a fire by throwing water on things around it. Why not actually put out the fire? If you’re feeling unhappy with your appearance, shoes won’t do it. Purses won’t do it. No pedicure, eye shadow, or new necklace is going to do it—not in a lasting way. Don’t waste the moments of your life (or the money in your wallet) on empty distractions. Don’t fix what you don’t like about your appearance with a temporary high that gets you through the next hour or the next few days. Fix it with real solutions that have staying power.