Burdens to Blessings

I think we can all agree that having a positive mindset could benefit everyone. I mean, how great does it sound to have all your burdens transformed into blessings? I want you to know that a positive mindset is accessible to everyone. You can't change the reality of these burdens, but changing your mindset around [...]

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Put a Lid on It: Fight Dry-Scalp Dandruff with Style

I love autumn—the turning leaves on the aspens, the cheek-flushing cooler temperatures, and of course, hat-shopping! Have you seen the gorgeous toppers for the upcoming season? Cable-knit beanies, colorful fedoras, fleece slouchies, feather-trimmed cloches—there are so many to choose from that you pretty much have to buy more than one! Cool-weather hats aren’t [...]

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Just a Number

Did you have a September birthday? You must at least know someone who does. September is the biggest birthday month of year. So, I’m using my soapbox today to suggest you celebrate aging. Yes, celebrate. Do it with the reckless abandon of an eight-year-old, no matter how many multiples of eight your age [...]

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Yes, there are 320 calories in this delicious fruit, but don't let that scare you! Avocados also supply more than a dozen nutrients, such as vitamins E, C and Folate. So next time, go with the guacamole!

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