Celebrity Skin

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com Broken out? Battling rosacea? Trying to mask a psoriasis outbreak? Feeling like a used dishrag whenever you’re in a checkout line flanked by beauty magazines? We all know by now that Photoshop works magic, and celebrity skin isn’t as flawless as cover shots imply. But do you realize the extent [...]

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Glowing Skin: No Sun Required

Back in the ‘80s, a Texas-based cosmetics company called BeautiControl started a bit of a craze.  In living rooms and coffee shops across the nation, big-haired women with pinch-rolled jean-cuffs and over-sized neon earrings could be heard asking, “What season are you?” A woman’s “season” described her skin tone and what colors of [...]

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Sweating Buckets

If you don’t feel good about your body, you don’t feel good period. We all sweat. It’s meant to regulate body temperature, but for some people there’s just a lot more of it. My business is to help people feel good, inside and out, so I really have compassion for anyone plagued by [...]

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Fitness and Your Skin

A friend told me a few weeks ago that her doctor suggested she ratchet up her weekly workouts. “That dog you walk?” he said. “You need to walk it more.” She’s pushing 70 and is one of the most physically active people I know. Yard work, snow-shoveling, baseball with her grandson—she’s just a [...]

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Go Floppy, Go Big!

Baseball caps might be a staple of your wardrobe, but they don’t give a hoot about the sides of your face or your ears. Ball caps also don’t protect the back of your neck. And they aren’t a substitute for sunscreen. That’s because they’re designed not to protect your skin but to help you look [...]

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Fido, the Four-Legged Face Lift?

For years now, we’ve been reading in the news about studies touting the health benefits of pet ownership. Dogs and cats, in particular, have been touted as blood-pressure meds, Alzheimer’s soothers, antidepressants, and even as a defense against the #1 killer of American women, heart disease.  Maybe soon we’ll learn they’re walking Botox [...]

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