Adult Halloween

Adult Halloween has gotten more important – how about trick or treating at the Spa?

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles this year on ways to dress up for Halloween without actually wearing a costume. You know, paint your nails to look like jack-o-lanterns or wear a silk butterfly in your hair. This grown-up spin on Halloween costumes got me rethinking trick-or-treating—what it could mean in an aesthetic dermatology sense. Here are some perfect ways to “trick or treat” this year:


The Trick

The Treat

HairFor shinier locks, the good folks at Harper’s Bazaar suggest using the Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron. This flat iron has plates coated with argan oil, a natural ingredient that provides a temporary gloss.Try a keratin smoothing treatment. Don’t go for the store-bought variety. The salon service can get pricy, but for frizz, it’s a long-lasting solution that’s pretty amazing. For months, it can put the kibosh on having to use dryers, smoothing serums, flat irons, and other temporary aids.
FaceGet your skin glowing by trying these self-tanning towlettes. They give your face not only a warm glow but also anti-oxidants to protect it from wrinkle-making free radicals.Get yourself a customized medical facial. So heavenly! After analysis, your face will be cleansed, steamed, exfoliated, pampered—treated like a queen. This facial stimulates cell turnover, improves circulation, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
HandsGloves, gloves, gloves! Almost as much as I love hats, I love gloves. They don’t get the love they deserve as a quick cover for un-manicured nails. For something unique, pretty much nothing tops the selection at Etsy.Try a “moisturizing manicure” from a salon that provides hand care. A hand-soak, butter or oil massage, exfoliation, paraffin bath, manicure, and moisturizer will leave your hands looking their best. What’s more the exfoliation will make your hands better receptive to moisturizer for weeks to come.
SmileTreat yourself to a new lipstick hue that has a blue base. Red lip colors with a hint of blue help teeth look whiter. Go for glosses instead of mattes, which can make teeth look more stained.Splurge on professional teeth-whitening. It can be done in as little as 60 minutes and improves teeth-whiteness by an average of eight shades! It won’t seem such a splurge when you think about how long the results last—usually for about two years.