Imperfection Equals Beauty

It’s so important in my line of work to be careful about feeding people’s insecurities. My heart lies in helping people to be comfortable in their skin, both literally and figuratively. That is a two-way process, something built both from the inside out and from the outside in. I can help with the outside-in piece. The inside-out part is yours. If you continually are looking for things that are wrong with how you look, ask yourself, “Am I addicted to imperfection?” Yes, I meant to say imperfection. Perfection can never be attained, which means imperfection is in endless supply. If you are always looking for more things wrong with yourself, you’re addicted to it.

One good way to keep yourself in check is to think about the difference between caring for your looks versus fighting against them. Which are you up to? I want to help you work with what Mother Nature gave you, to preserve it, protect it, and help it age gracefully. Of course, it’s not unusual to want to fight her on some things—excessive perspiration, a Mediterranean-descent bikini area, and severe acne come to mind. Just check yourself to see if you’re fighting her on everything. I am all about helping you revise her work where she’s been less than kind, because I know how freeing it is for a person to get to a point of feeling good about her skin. But have you noticed all she’s done right with you? I’m equally about helping you see your natural beauty, and helping you take the best care possible to preserve it.

I think we all know it’s unhealthy to keep finding things wrong with one’s self: that mole, that bump, that hair, that wrinkle, that red spot, that brown spot. If your list grows as quickly as you can cross items off of it, take a moment to find out if you’re working on the wrong list. I truly want you to appreciate how beautiful you already are well before you step foot in my office.