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BOTOX Cosmetic

A highly effective and simple non-surgical procedure.

BOTOX Cosmetic smoothes out deep expression lines around the eyebrows and forehead and reshapes the brow to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. A few tiny injections relax the muscle that forms those lines and last up to four months. BOTOX Cosmetic has been widely tested and is now the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world.

What Is BOTOX Cosmetic?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a simple, non-surgical, treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. It is the only treatment of its type approved by the FDA. BOTOX Cosmetic is a natural purified protein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium, which reduces the activity of the muscles that cause those frown lines between the brows to form over time.

How Does BOTOX Work?

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by contractions of your facial muscles every time you laugh, smile, or frown. BOTOX Cosmetic works by reducing the contractions of the muscles that cause those persistent frown lines that have developed over time. The muscles relax and do not contract, causing a smoother and more youthful appearance. BOTOX can reduce or eliminate crow's feet, forehead lines, bunny lines, and frown lines.

What Happens During The Treatment?

It is a simple 15-30 minute procedure that consists of a few tiny injections. Results are typically seen within 3-4 days and may continue to improve during the first week after treatment. There may be slight temporary bruising at the injection site; this can be easily covered up with makeup. There is generally no recovery period and you can go directly back to your normal activities.

Does It Hurt?

There is very minimal discomfort; no local or topical anesthesia is necessary. Most patients compared the sensation to a bug bite.

What Are The Side Effects?

The most common side effects are temporary pain, swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection site. Individuals with muscular disorders or women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not use BOTOX Cosmetic. BOTOX has been widely used for more than 11 years. In 2005, over 3 million procedures were performed with BOTOX Cosmetic.

Is There Any Pretreatment?

Do not take any medications with aspirin, ibuprofen, and/or Vitamin E in them for one week prior to treatment. This will decrease the risk of bruising at the injection site.

Is There Any Post Treatment?

Avoid exercise, alcohol, and facial massage and keep your head up for 4 hours after treatment.


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